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Covid-19 – Remote Access Delivery Manager

Covid-19 – Critical Remote Access Delivery Manager: Hays Recruitment Specialists

Currently under tremendous pressure to provide critical services to key workers during the current Covid-19 crisis. My team has built, configured and delivered approx. 200 laptops to the Hays UK&I business. This has been done within 2 weeks with the aid of key business, non-technical personnel. Key build and config information has been created and provided to enable/aid the remote, manual delivery of the laptops by the end users, with support from the technical delivery team.

Security Programme/Project Manager

April 2017 – April 2019: Security Programme – Consultant Programme/Project Manager

On my third long term contract with Hays I was asked asked to deliver a number of security measures for the Infrastructure Technology Production Services Team.

  • Delivery of Multi-Factor Authentication across multiple IT administration teams.
  • Programme Management of multiple system and software migrations.
  • Removal of legacy system security threats.
  • Decommission of over 600 legacy servers.
  • Implementation of Security based policies and automated processes.
  • Built and managed Chrome update process/process across UK&I and India users.

Contract Transition/Exit Manager – Fujitsu

Apr 2016 – Apr 2017: Contract Transition and Exit Manager: Programme/Project Management Consultant

Fujitsu Services (The Highland Council Contract)

Alan is the operational manager, responsible for the day to day activities and reporting that underpin the contract exit and transition activities from Fujitsu to the new service provider to Highland Council. With a 17-year history between the two parties involved, this Contract Exit was an intricate partnership which had to be carefully understood to build and execute a strategy that protected the service in transition, the employees, Fujitsu reputation and Brand and commercial exposure. This role reported to and was guided by the Contract Exit Board consisting of the Executive Sponsor, Account Delivery Executive and the Service Director for Scotland.

The key responsibilities for this role are as follows:

· The Contract – Protect the Company

  • Know and understand the key schedules of contract being exited, working with colleagues in the commercial department to build and execute to the contractual obligations
  • Identify and manage financial risk, obligations and mitigate risk of penalties during the Exit of the Contract
  • To ensure definition and agreement between both parties of the Contract Exit Plan
  • Assigning, managing and reporting upon the key Contract Exit Obligations of each identified responsible owner

· TUPE/HR Legislative Requirement – Protect the Staff

  • To ensure the appropriate HR engagement for all staff that may be in scope for transfer to the Replacement Contractor
  • Where appropriate ensure any TUPE disputes are resolved in line with TUPE legislation
  • Work with internal Business Units to ensure clean exit and TUPE of Staff to the Replacement Contractor

· Service Handover – Protect the Service

  • Following the Contractual Obligations, ensure that any Knowledge Transfer takes place
  • Build and agree processes to minimalise disruption during any Transition of the Services
  • Agree timetable for Knowledge Transfer Sessions

· Third Party Contracts – Novation and Re-assignment

  • To ensure the appropriate Procurement and License Management teams are engaged
  • Identification of all Contracts/non-contract agreements in place in the current service
  • Management of contract and license renewals during the Contract Exit Period
  • Stranded Cost Management

· Property – Closure

  • To ensure the appropriate teams Group Property and decommission teams are engaged (IT and Estates teams)
  • Work with the teams to ensure minimal costs applied to dilapid
Project Portfolio/Contract Exit Manager

Sept 2015 – Apr 2016: Project Portfolio Manager/Contract Exit Manager – Fujitsu

My current role is working for a Service Company with their Local Government client. The initial Terms of Reference were to deliver several concurrent projects and work packages as requested by the Programme/Portfolio Lead. These range in technology and size from small to medium sized, implementation and decommissioning, application and infrastructure, projects/work packages.

More recently I have been tasked to lead the Contract Exit programme of the current Local Government contract whilst a re-provisioning bid is underway. The role includes:

  • Define and agree with the Local Government an Exit Plan

  • Manage the Contract Exit contractual obligations to ensure compliance is met.

  • Build and manage the plan/projects for the companies exit from:

    • The Contract
    • HR legislative requirement
    • Service handover
    • Third party contracts (including Novation and re-assignment)
    • Any property related to The Contract
Programme/Project Manager – Hays

October 2014 – August 2015– Programme/Project Manager

Hays Productions Services team were embarking on a new programme to deliver Office 365 globally. They did not/do not have a programme/project management core and required myself to build up structure and process that would allow them to deliver this programme effectively but also have a long-term future process.

Core responsibilities:

  • Build a programme structure and governance to provide the global delivery

  • Define processes for the team to deliver future programmes/projects.

  • Chair Programme and Steering Committee meetings at Director level

  • Manage Initial deliveries for each project/workstream

  • Work with number 3rd party suppliers to deliver knowledge, Infrastructure and Integration points

  • Manage the IT and Business teams through the Implementations and initial testing

This role has now completed albeit the Programme continues. This was a short-term role to enable the programme. I have now moved into a different role within the company as a project Portfolio Manager and have picked up several projects. I have closed several these projects either through successful completion or recognising they are no longer viable and continue to pick up new projects as bandwidth allows.

Programme, Implementation, Performance and Environment Manager – Zurich

January 2014 – October 2014 – Zurich Insurance Programme Implementation, Performance and Environment Manager

Zurich Insurance is one of the UKs leading Insurance and as such is looking to increase their market share by offering a better service through their brokers. I was asked to join initially as an Environment Manager but as the need arose I substituted for the Implementation Manager. I then took on the role of Performance Manager which was of great benefit to the programme. Their forward-thinking strategy is to utilise a market leading web application as their tool of choice with increased functionality. Furthermore, delivering 60 second quotes to their brokers customers without the need for brokers to contact Zurich Insurance directly for much of their enquiries.

Core responsibilities

  • Manage all environments in and guide the multiple parallel development streams in a coordinated delivery

  • Ensure infrastructure stability for full delivery

  • Work with number 3rd party suppliers to deliver Infrastructure and Integration points

  • Manage weekly implementations to the business and to the public in the initial weekly implementations

  • Manage the IT and Business teams through the Implementations and initial testing

  • Mentor the newly created Release team to manage future Implementations

  • Increase performance of the Platform

The roles, which I defined here, were moved into BAU and filled within the company as the programme planning allowed for.

SAP Programme Manager – Absoft

October 2013 – December 2013 – Absoft Ltd/ConocoPhillips – SAP Programme Manager

Absoft Limited is a small but leading company within the SAP development and distribution space. My requirement was to come in as a Programme Manager specifically for ConocoPhillips, to manage a Programme of projects which included the following SAP Modules: MM(SCM), MM(RLM), QM, PM, PS and FI/CO. The team consisted of functional SMEs working with all business areas to enhance business process, SAP capabilities and user experience.

Core responsibilities:

  • Manage a large Programme upstream and downstream of works with all projects related to SAP

  • Chair the SAP Management Governance Board – High Level Stakeholders.

  • Manage the SAP User Support Centre; a team of 8 ranging with the following skills, SAP SMEs, BA, Project Manager and Communications & Training Manager delivering the following functions:

o Work with the business to identify areas where current SAP functionality could be exploited further to benefit their processes and remove complexity in both process and function where possible.

o Deliver SAP support to the business community as SME/Key Users.

o Identify and deliver SAP related training.

o Deliver software development within time and Budget.

o Identify Areas of risk to the delivery.

o Report on Weekly Status

Software Development Project Manager

March 2013 – Present – Atlas Interactive Limited – Software Development Project Manager

Atlas Interactive Limited is a leading E-Learning company within the Oil & Gas Sector. Having embarked on a large software development project, they have asked Alan to join their professional team. The aim is to manage the new software being developed as part of the overall process framework being put in place. The development is a time driven project due to the “Go to Market” requirement for a unique delivery in a fast-growing market.

The Core responsibilities of this role are:

  • Deliver a new piece of software meeting World Class Standards
  • Deliver software development within time and Budget.
  • Management of the Development team.
  • Configuration Management and Agile Project Delivery using Team Foundation Server.
  • Identify Areas of risk to the delivery.
  • Report on Weekly Status
  • Hold financial control of £200k + project

The contract has been cut short following a recommendation by Alan to divert funds from the Project Manager costs to allow additional development time. Risks for this have been identified and accepted by Atlas Interactive Limited.

Owing to the smaller nature of the project than usual delivered by Laurel Icon Limited Alan could assist other areas in the business to identify areas of potential

Project Portfolio Manager – Absoft

August 2012 – January 2013 – Absoft Limited – Project Portfolio Manager

Absoft Limited is a small but leading company within the SAP development and distribution space. My requirement was to come in as a Project Portfolio Manager on various projects in both the Energy and Education sectors. Whilst my core responsibility was to deliver the projects within the portfolio there was a need to lead a reasonably inexperienced team and build tools and processes which would not only utilise their current understanding but help build upon it.

The main responsibilities of this role are:

  • Deliver several SAP software developments and RDS projects within time and Budget.
  • Introduce an internal change process for the project group.
  • Work with the Operations Director and Professional Services Manager to build process, procedures and tools for project group based on SAP own Methodology (ASAP).
  • Work with the Solutions Manager to build process, procedures and tools for internal project regardless of Infrastructure or New developments to enhance service or for business opportunities.

As with all businesses which continue to grow at a fast pace, change is required to ensure that the growth is not limited or detrimental to the company. Alan was instrumental in driving through change to both culture and process not only within the Project Management space but also throughout the business.

Programme/Project Manager – FTSE

November 2011 – July 2012 – FTSE Group – Programme/Project Manager

FTSE Group’s IT Service Delivery is a young team in terms of governance and structure. Alan has been brought into this company as a programme/project manager, to bring his considerable knowledge and experience in the wider professional community and help shape the IT Service Delivery model as they strive towards being a Centre of Excellence.

The Core responsibilities of this role are:

  • Programme Manage the selection, purchase and implementation of a replacement Global Service Management Tool.
  • Introduce the governance and structure already being implemented within the Programme/project management group within FTSE Group.
  • Deliver IT Service Delivery Infrastructure Projects including the current DR Datacentre Migration.
  • Work with the Service Delivery Director to streamline process and procedures within team.

IT Service Delivery currently offers a 99.99% availability service to both internal and external customers. Alan is also working with each of the ITSD teams to help improve their individual processes and to help shape their 2012/13 Roadmaps to maintain that through a period of large change and continual annual growth of around 25%.