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Application of The Triple Constraint – IT Programme & Project Management

During the scoping of a project, we work with our clients to set a structure that best fits. Why just apply “The Triple Constraint” to the project when you can also apply it to the resource running the project?  

Projects generally tend to be year round activities in most organisations. With the ebb and flow of innovation, changing process and general business change, it may be necessary to increase your project or programme management headcount. These changes don’t always require an FTE resource but additional resource is essential to seeing that they don’t disrupt other change or business as usual projects. 

To help in these short term situations, having a relationship with an organisation who can provide expert consultancy to work with your teams, as needed, may be a better option than using FTE contractors.

Our team works with our clients to provide resource for the life of a project and only for the amount of time required during the project. This means, if the PM or Programme Management time required to deliver the project is 3 days per week for the life of the project, that’s the time our team will give to the project.

Triple Constraint

Triple Constraint – IT Programme and Project Management

Fig 1. The “triple constraints” – Time – Cost – Quality
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Email Migration – Complete!


Moving from a Webmail system to Microsoft 365.


A new client came on board this year and enquired about Email Migration. Their request, to move from a Webmail system to Microsoft 365.

After a little planning and very few issues, the new client are now happily using Microsoft’s exchange online mail system with spoofing and spam protection.

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