Implementation Manager – EDS

September 2005- February 2006 – EDS – Implementation Manager – Infrastructure and IT Delivery (Limited Company Contractor)

The role of Implementation Manager (IM) is to be responsible for the end to end delivery of every site within the MoD estate within a given area (approx 15-18). This includes accountability for all activities within the factory method lifecycle regardless of the milestone owner. Where there was a cluster of sites or large number of users, i.e. within the Edinburgh area or on a large base, a datacenter would have to be installed rather than individual Network Equipment Rooms. Decommissioning of any current on site hardware/infrastructure would be part of each of the installs as many of the systems would be replaced and the application delivered through the new solution.

Main responsibilities of this post are to:

  • Commence delivery with engagement of the key contacts on each site/datacenter and third parties.
  • Liaise with all parties involved in the process as and when required.
  • Maintain the risk/issue log for each site/datacenter.
  • Escalation of all risks/issues at an area level.
  • Report the weekly update through management chain
  • Ensure completion and assurance of all interim financial, and otherwise, documentation during the full lifecycle.
  • Manage change at all levels within the project.
  • Handover of each site into Service Management on Infrastructure Delivery Completion.
  • Communication is a vital element of this role, and an IM is required to be able to communicate through various mediums at every level throughout both the consortium and MoD.