Project Portfolio Manager – Absoft

August 2012 – January 2013 – Absoft Limited – Project Portfolio Manager

Absoft Limited is a small but leading company within the SAP development and distribution space. My requirement was to come in as a Project Portfolio Manager on various projects in both the Energy and Education sectors. Whilst my core responsibility was to deliver the projects within the portfolio there was a need to lead a reasonably inexperienced team and build tools and processes which would not only utilise their current understanding but help build upon it.

The main responsibilities of this role are:

  • Deliver several SAP software developments and RDS projects within time and Budget.
  • Introduce an internal change process for the project group.
  • Work with the Operations Director and Professional Services Manager to build process, procedures and tools for project group based on SAP own Methodology (ASAP).
  • Work with the Solutions Manager to build process, procedures and tools for internal project regardless of Infrastructure or New developments to enhance service or for business opportunities.

As with all businesses which continue to grow at a fast pace, change is required to ensure that the growth is not limited or detrimental to the company. Alan was instrumental in driving through change to both culture and process not only within the Project Management space but also throughout the business.