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Programme and Project Management Consultancy – Latest Posts

Our Latest posts give some highlighted details of what we’ve been up to. If you would like to read more then simply click on the link or heading of each excerpt. If you would like to view our full history of delivery please click on LiL History. Alternatively you can view our posts or contact us on our LinkedIn Page.

  • Laurel icon Ltd – Projects Required
    Laurel Icon Ltd would like to offer its services to small businesses who are considering the feasibility of starting a new project. Whether you need help from an expert or to bolster your existing team, we can help. A single PM can run multiple projects at once. The time required to manage a project is much less than those “doing” the work. Also,… Read more: Laurel icon Ltd – Projects Required
  • End of a Programme, new opportunities!
    Over the past year, LiL’s two roving Junior Project Managers have managed 85 office conversions, travelled tens of thousands of miles and earned lot’s of respect . Their first steps into project management ended on 31st March 2023 but by no means will it be their last. It’s time to look for new opportunities! They were brought into the company for a very… Read more: End of a Programme, new opportunities!
  • New Year – Countdown to Completion!
    Happy New Year to all our friends and colleagues from all of us at Laurel icon Ltd. We wish you all the best for the year to come! We hope you’ve all had a restful and enjoyable break. 2022 was our 22nd year in business and has been a very successful year for us. We signed our first MSA and doubled our personnel.… Read more: New Year – Countdown to Completion!
  • A trip back to the office!
    In March 2020, I made the decision not go back to the office, before the pandemic truly hit. Two years, eight months and multiple lockdowns had passed. I found myself in the lounge at Inverness airport on a Tuesday afternoon in November. Admittedly, a free pass and a small glass of red wine is a reasonable upside to my first trip back to… Read more: A trip back to the office!
  • Setting Your Personal Goals in Business
    Setting your personal goals should be something you do in both your personal life and in business.
  • Zero Trust Security Initiative
    Over the past six months, Liam and Connor have been busy travelling the UK to deliver a new Zero Trust Security Initiative. They are almost 72% of the way through their first major programme and doing fantastic job. During this time they’ve also picked another project, which fits in nicely with the work their doing. This new project gives them even more understanding… Read more: Zero Trust Security Initiative
  • We’ve been busy!
    We’ve been busy over the past few months, Liam, Connor and I working to revamp the website: The guys have assisted in moving all our old posts as well as helping to decide upon the new look for Laurel icon Ltd. We’ve even now got a new LiL History – timeline page. This gives a little insight to how we’ve stayed in… Read more: We’ve been busy!
  • Process and Tools
    In order to help us deliver a complex programme we built an implementation checklist tool for our Junior Project and Implementation Managers (JPIMs) to ensure all the key deliverables were in place at each stage of the deployments. The Deployment Checker was also great way for the JPIMs to note any caveats leading up to the actual deployment, or to note any outstanding… Read more: Process and Tools
  • Application of The Triple Constraint – IT Programme & Project Management
    During the scoping of a project, we work with our clients to set a structure that best fits. Why just apply “The Triple Constraint” to the project when you can also apply it to the resource running the project?   Projects generally tend to be year round activities in most organisations. With the ebb and flow of innovation, changing process and general business change, it… Read more: Application of The Triple Constraint – IT Programme & Project Management
  • Email Migration – Complete!
      Moving from a Webmail system to Microsoft 365.   A new client came on board this year and enquired about Email Migration. Their request, to move from a Webmail system to Microsoft 365. After a little planning and very few issues, the new client are now happily using Microsoft’s exchange online mail system with spoofing and spam protection. If you would like your… Read more: Email Migration – Complete!
  • Great News – Contract Signed!
    Some very exciting news this afternoon. In our 21st year in business, we have just signed our first Master Service Agreement with a global organisation. Looking forward to a busy year this year!