Zero Trust Security Initiative

Over the past six months, Liam and Connor have been busy travelling the UK to deliver a new Zero Trust Security Initiative. They are almost 72% of the way through their first major programme and doing fantastic job. During this time they’ve also picked another project, which fits in nicely with the work their doing. This new project gives them even more understanding of some of the technologies being used.

In the current climate, CyberSecurity is key to ensuring ongoing success in today’s digital world. Zero Trust is a goal to aspire to, to secure data and reduce the likelihood of Cyber Attacks.

The diagram below shows the five key areas that businesses should review to move towards a Zero Trust environment.

Zero Trust Security Initiative

Some examples of how you can start your journey towards Zero Trust are shown below:

People: An easy starting point is to ensure that you using multi-factor authentication. Using passwords with complex or strong passwords. Having multiple authentication methods is sensible even if you haven’t started planning for Zero Trust

Devices: Setting up security so only known business devices are able to access programs and systems, especially in today’s cloud environments.

Infrastructure: Use the different options available to securely give access to systems in a container environment for BOYD. Combining Zero Trust methods for People, devices and Infrastructure helps prevent information flowing into and out of the container while still having the access needed.

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