Regional Project Delivery Manager – EDS

March 2004 – September 2005 – EDS – Regional Project Delivery Manager – IT Delivery DWP (Limited Company Contractor)

During the past year, my role has changed somewhat from delivering one project in 2 different regions to now having the overall responsibility for all projects in one region.

· My main responsibilities still include the delivery of the Jobcentre Plus Project in Scotland, which involves the refurbishment or decommission of all Jobcentres and Social Security Offices in 7 different districts over Scotland. At the beginning of this project I was involved in setting up the Service Delivery Plans (Business Cases) for all 11 Regions, which was giving guidance on all IT matters relating to the moves, closures and amalgamations of each part of their business.

· An additional project to this refurbishment was the decommissioning of an old legacy system/hardware and infrastructure where the legacy system was to be provided via the new DWP wide infrastructure solution.

· I attend weekly Regional meetings to discuss progress in IT, estates, HR, Health and Safety, and Change Management. 2 weekly district meetings have also to be attended, which will discuss requirements and a lower level and will encompass the planning of all strategies for estates and IT during the working phases of each individual site.

· The first of my key responsibilities are to give guidance to my customer and colleagues within the project, on IT matters and project processes. My second is to mentor my deputy to be able to give the same customer and colleague service. This will result in successful delivery of any project we undertake with our DWP customer.

· As Delivery Manager, I also must co-ordinate all other projects in the region to see that they do not clash with each other i.e. one project may involve the rationalization of comms rooms, if any other project encompasses work like this then it would be up myself to ensure that everyone is made aware and the work is not duplicated. This involves management of many schedules.

Reporting is another major part of my working day. Key Performance Indicator’s (KPI) Statistics must be monitored and mitigations reported to my management weekly. Potential risks for Key milestones must be raised to, not only my management, but also the customer and all third parties that may be affected because of any possible missed milestone. Issues must be raised to District level, Regional level and if necessary to National level, for any milestone missed that could cause any sort of delay.