Regional Delivery Manager – EDS

September 2003 – March 2004 – EDS – Regional Delivery Manager – IT Delivery Jobcentre Plus (Limited Company Contractor)

The main responsibility of this role is the management of all IT facilities during the refurbishment of Jobcentres within Scotland and North East England. Around 150 now.

  • There are 4 different parties involved in this project, with 4 different expectations, each vitally important and each totally reliant on the other, hence the need for micro-management of each separate team.

  • Knowledge is required of Backend systems, Telephony, estates work and the IT, to make each site successful.

  • Also, resourcing needs to be coordinated for each decant in and out of offices.

  • As part of this role weekly meetings with Regions and Districts must be attended.

  • All necessary reports, schedules and other documentation must be updated and managed.