Programme Implementation Manager – LBG

November 2009 – May2010 – Lloyds Banking Group – Programme Implementation Manager (Limited Company Contractor)

Bancassurance L-Day is the first major integration programme within the Lloyds Banking Group. The aim of this programme was to deliver a front-end system which allows all Financial Advisors within the group an integrated solution on one platform, regardless of which heritage they are housed within. Below are Alan’s responsibilities within the programme.

Programme Implementation Manager – Responsibilities

  • Production of a Roadmap – ensure visibility of all deliverables for getting to the Implementation L-Day itself.
  • Production of RACI Matrix – Identify owners of each deliverable.
  • Build a plan – Detail the outline shape of the journey to L-Day.
  • Production of Checklist – Low level reporting tool for each deliverable.
  • Production and maintenance of a Plan on a Page – High Level reporting tool for each deliverable/group of deliverables.
  • Chair weekly Implementation workgroups – Ensure the focus was on each deliverable and any risks, issues are managed with escalation as appropriate.
  • Production of Programme Implementation plans – ensure these were delivered by individual workstreams at the appropriate times for Release Management to deliver the Release plan.
  • Production of Implementation Playbook – Summary of the L-Day weekend event including, summary implementation plan, escalation routes, governance, Incident Management.
  • Dress Rehearsal of L-day – Run through of playbook, using “what if?” scenarios to test the processes.
  • Implementation Governance on L-day Itself.