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Security Programme/Project Manager

April 2017 – April 2019: Security Programme – Consultant Programme/Project Manager

On my third long term contract with Hays I was asked asked to deliver a number of security measures for the Infrastructure Technology Production Services Team.

  • Delivery of Multi-Factor Authentication across multiple IT administration teams.
  • Programme Management of multiple system and software migrations.
  • Removal of legacy system security threats.
  • Decommission of over 600 legacy servers.
  • Implementation of Security based policies and automated processes.
  • Built and managed Chrome update process/process across UK&I and India users.

Programme/Project Manager – Hays

October 2014 – August 2015– Programme/Project Manager

Hays Productions Services team were embarking on a new programme to deliver Office 365 globally. They did not/do not have a programme/project management core and required myself to build up structure and process that would allow them to deliver this programme effectively but also have a long-term future process.

Core responsibilities:

  • Build a programme structure and governance to provide the global delivery

  • Define processes for the team to deliver future programmes/projects.

  • Chair Programme and Steering Committee meetings at Director level

  • Manage Initial deliveries for each project/workstream

  • Work with number 3rd party suppliers to deliver knowledge, Infrastructure and Integration points

  • Manage the IT and Business teams through the Implementations and initial testing

This role has now completed albeit the Programme continues. This was a short-term role to enable the programme. I have now moved into a different role within the company as a project Portfolio Manager and have picked up several projects. I have closed several these projects either through successful completion or recognising they are no longer viable and continue to pick up new projects as bandwidth allows.

Change Programme Project Manager – Hays

September 2008 – November 2009 – Hays Specialist Recruitment – Change Programme Project Manager (Limited Company Contractor)

Adapt 2010 is a ground-breaking programme within Hays, which has delivered their first Global, Front End resource management application. It is also the first programme in Hays history which has delivered on time. The programme has the strongest, most dedicated team. Listed below were Alan’s functions within the programme.

Implementation Manager – Responsibilities

  • Implementation of the new Front End Application being developed within Hays.
  • Creation of the hour by hour Implementation plan to enable delivery of each new code deployment out with core hours.
  • Creation of back out strategy should deployment fail.
  • Test Full implementation plan and back out strategy during Operational Acceptance testing.
  • Arrangement of full support, in house and third party, for Implementation weekend.
  • All communication to senior management throughout each implementation.
  • Defect management during implementation.
  • Testing during implementation.

Infrastructure Project Manager (Client/Server Office Based to Datacentres) – Responsibilities

  • Timely delivery of new infrastructure to a global programme to enable the largest change programme to date within Hays.
  • Full project lifecycle management.
  • Continual change management as each delivery cycle of the front-end application programme is taken from concept to delivery.
  • Upscale of Infrastructure to meet application needs.
  • Management of third party supplier as sole supplier of infrastructure to the programme.
  • Lead on creation of backup strategy and service agreements on behalf of the programme for development, test, training and Production infrastructure.
  • Quality manager for each delivery of infrastructure to the programme.
  • Risk/Issue management.

Environment Manager – Responsibilities

  • Management of all infrastructures when delivered to the programme.
  • Ensuring each environment had the required infrastructure for each Code delivery cycle.
  • Planning and deployment of code at each stage within the delivery cycle to the appropriate environment; Development, Systems Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Operational Acceptance Testing and Production.
  • Planning for and requesting additional infrastructure when additional functionality was required within a delivery cycle.

Alan was also instrumental in setting up the testing areas within the programme. Although there is no formal background in this area he took this challenge and with both hands and created the initial test team. Due to increased workloads from the above responsibilities and other projects including decommission of the old Adapt V8 system and Performance test initiation project, a Test manager was then recruited to carry the test team forward.