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October 2014 – August 2015– Programme/Project Manager


Hays Productions Services team were embarking on a new programme to deliver Office 365 globally. They did not/do not have a programme/project management core and required myself to build up structure and process that would allow them to deliver this programme effectively but also have a long-term future process.


Core responsibilities:


·       Build a programme structure and governance to provide the global delivery


·       Define processes for the team to deliver future programmes/projects.


·       Chair Programme and Steering Committee meetings at Director level


·       Manage Initial deliveries for each project/workstream


·       Work with number 3rd party suppliers to deliver knowledge, Infrastructure and Integration points


·       Manage the IT and Business teams through the Implementations and initial testing


This role has now completed albeit the Programme continues. This was a short-term role to enable the programme. I have now moved into a different role within the company as a project Portfolio Manager and have picked up several projects. I have closed several these projects either through successful completion or recognising they are no longer viable and continue to pick up new projects as bandwidth allows.