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January 2014 – October 2014 – Zurich Insurance Programme Implementation, Performance and Environment Manager


Zurich Insurance is one of the UKs leading Insurance and as such is looking to increase their market share by offering a better service through their brokers. Their forward-thinking strategy is to utilise a market leading web application as their tool of choice with increased functionality and deliver 60 second quotes to their brokers customers without the need for brokers to contact Zurich Insurance directly for much of their enquiries. I was asked to join initially as an Environment Manager but as the need arose I substituted for the Implementation Manager and then took on the role of Performance Manager which was of great benefit to the programme.


Core responsibilities


·       Manage all environments in and guide the multiple parallel development streams in a coordinated delivery


·       Ensure infrastructure stability for full delivery


·       Work with number 3rd party suppliers to deliver Infrastructure and Integration points


·       Manage weekly implementations to the business and to the public in the initial weekly implementations


·       Manage the IT and Business teams through the Implementations and initial testing


·       Mentor the newly created Release team to manage future Implementations


·       Increase performance of the Platform


The roles, which I defined here, were moved into BAU and filled within the company as the programme planning allowed for.