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February 2011 – September 2011 – Lloyds Banking Group – Integration Project Manager (Limited Company Contractor)


During the run up to Release C, advertised as Europe’s biggest Banking integration to date, an issue was found that would inhibit around 3500 colleagues from using the new applications after the go-live weekend. This project had been running for some time with little movement until Alan was asked to take over the role of Integration Project Manager


Core responsibilities


·       Ensure that the 3500 colleagues had access to the future business applications by implementing a “Windows Login renaming plan” across 11 business areas including branch networks.


·       Create the strategy for the rename implementations.


·       Create plans for complete change including recovery plans.


·       Ensure continued access to current applications.


·       Where appropriate work with business areas to create strategy for remuneration and bonus where the change would cause a breakdown between upstream and downstream processes/applications.


·       Keeping financial records for the change including internal & external resource and forecasting.


Whilst working to ensure continued access to current applications, Alan had to ensure full investigations were completed on all applications used by each of the business areas, roles and personnel as many of these would require authentication with the Login ID. An understanding had to be gained of the upstream and downstream relationships, interfaces and links of these initial applications. Application authentication with the Login ID fell into 2 categories:


·       Application Authentication could be maintained by internal table update


Application required full development lifecycle to ensure continued access